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Inside the shiny red case of the system controller device is a 32-bit microcontroller, and a new software program called MSD View. MSD says the biggest card you can use with the Grid is a 8GB, Class 10 Card so keep that in mind when getting one. Reference: MSD 7720, MSD 7730, MSD 7761, MSD 7764, MSD 7740. You can also save the strip chart to a CSV file, and then later reload it into the Monitor Plot window! Make sure to plug this cable into your laptop while you have an Internet connection in case Windows wants to install a driver for it. One of the most useful additions in the newer MSDView4 software is the new Monitor Plot Window. This works in conjunction to an export feature listed in the File Menu. If you want to minimize the wear on your programming port, you can mount the cable semi-permanently, for example the photo above. Also in Tools, Shop Equipment & Chemicals -. Also for: 77303. The installation process for the Power Grid is simplified as much as possible by MSD, thanks to the CAN-BUS system of wiring that allows for reduced wiring and to permit the addition of accessory modules easily. MSD does not recommend running the ignition with the cable plugged in, however many racers use it this way to avoid ruining their ignition box from repeated use of the Micro USB connector. While it is compatible with all MSD boxes, the new Power Grid System Controller has been specially designed to mount to the Power Grid-7 box. MSD will not repair the port as the unit is potted. Tired of trying to view your laptop in the sun while programming your Grid? AN Terminator Cap1 - C ower Cable-Loose1 - P 1 - Mag Cable 1 - 2-pin Legacy Cable 1 - Main Cable Loose arts Bag1 - P. OPERATION. Most cards now are much bigger, but the problem is the file format on the bigger cards are FAT32 which will not work with the Power Grid, it requires FAT file system (ONLY) which maxes out at 2GB of storage. OPERATION The 7764 Power Grid Power Module is a fully programmable 4-channel solid state relay. Now you can copy a curve, like a launch retard curve, then paste it into another window. I ground a slot in the side of the plug to allow the cable to exit with the plug inserted. MSD Power Grid Power Module PN 7764/77643 WARNING: During installation, disconnect the battery cables. Power Grid System Controller by MSD Ignition The Power Grid Ignition System is the next evolution of our Programmable 7-Series Ignition Controls. Power Grid Firmware Won't Update. MSD Software / Firmware Version Information. The Power Grid system will allow the racer to spend less time in the pits fighting a complex programming interface and more time on the track racing. One cable that I've used that works well is the Ensure that the MSDView states connected on the bottom When using the "Check for upgrade" option in the MSD View software, the response is "No upgrade available", but you know there is a more recent firmware version available. Power Grid System Controller. The ignition, available separately, is supplied with the harness and mounting hardware. on the right side of the screen, this is a new addition. Note the.The Power Grid Controller is the brains behind the entire system and can be used with any MSD Ignition or the Pro Mag to … Power Grid. Find MSD Ignition 7761 MSD Power Grid System Rev Limiter Modules and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Please provide your information below and we will send you an e-mail when this product becomes available. MSD POWER GRID SYSTEM – CONTROLLER ONLY . Note: The latest revisions of MSD View and recent 7730's are said to be compatible with NTFS formated cards and shipped with NTFS formated Cards, so the above formatting steps may not be necessary now. ... MSD VIEW The MSD View software controls all of the functionality of the Power Grid System Controller. MSD 7730 MSD Power Grid System - Controller Only. © 2021 Holley Performance Products. The grid incorporates an efficient 32 bit micro controller and an all new software program, called MSD View, and is USB compatible. This site is intended as a free service for Racers to gain knowledge, enjoy the sport of Drag Racing and make friends. The Power Grid Controller is supplied with the View Software, wiring harness, micro-SD card and mounting hardware. This money, what little there is, gets put back into maintaining and operating this website. DIGITAL OPERATION. Clicking on that will pop open the Monitor window. The device is also USB compatible with Windows-based software to allow the racer to program the ignition with their computer. The Power Grid Ignition System is the next evolution of our Programmable 7-Series Ignition Controls. Just like the previous Gauge monitors tab, you have to check what data you want to view on the screen with the Monitor Tab. 7730 controller pdf manual download. Open the MSDView software. With this technology, racers can connect the Power Grid system directly into their Racepak Data Recorder and other Racepak products. Finally, recent versions have a new green import settings button. It's long enough to stretch from the inside of the trailer out to the car to extend the USB cable to a very handy length. It does make sense to route the USB cable away from likely sources of ignition noise to avoid problems with RF interference. Connect the system controller via USB. All Rights Reserved. Get the Extra Edge You Need to Be a Winner using your MSD Power Grid and ARC Module! The power grid ignition system is the next evolution of our programmable 7-series ignition controls. It's basically a strip chart recorder that will record data in real time. It includes a high speed data acquisition recording engine RPM, timing, dual Tach signal, launch/WOT with sample rates of 100 samples per second or 10 milliseconds. The Grid incorporates an efficient 32 bit microcontroller and an all new software program, called MSD View, and is USB compatible. On the inside of the plug you'll see a ridge that is intended to keep the MicroSD Card in place, you'll also have to grind a slot at the front of that ridge for the cable to cross so that you can fully insert the plug. The Power Grid Ignition System is the next evolution of our Programmable 7-Series Ignition Controls. 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