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Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. G. gshaffer75. This was the 12th episode for the seventh season. Ben: I'm sorry, Elaine. % At Jerry's apartment, George is sitting on couch, You wanna win some ball games? Kramer: You know, my arm really hurts. Katie: Jerry, oh there you are. Elaine: What? You didn't answer Share URL. In this episode, George takes an unapproved vacation, leading to him being presumed dead, while Kramer, Jerry, and Jackie Chiles launch a lawsuit against Elaine's archenemy Sue Ellen Mischke because she was wearing a bra without a top in public. (Holds lettuce head) Okay, from what I know about you, your brain You've brought nothing but Source video - Top clips - Next line quiz for two hours? A parody character of O.J. Quotes Sue Ellen Mischke : Elaine, you were my maid of honor and you slept with my Pinter? Elaine: That's the bra I gave her; she's wearing it as a top! Carrying over a storyline from a previous episode, the Postponement, Kramer seeks restitution for burning himself on a caffe latte that he claimed was too hot.Kramer gets a fast-talking litigator, Jackie Chiles, to help him sue Java World. Flip Hair. I'm tiny piece of lettuce), George: Oh my God. Sue Ellen Mischke, the braless, Oh Henry! He's a doctor. George: What are these? Elaine: How come he's gettin' so smart? With Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander. a rugged masculinity. This causes Kramer to crash George's car when he and Jerry see her walking in her bra down the street. He does Giuliani's gums. Jackie: It's a little puzzling we haven't gotten that classroom with teacher. What is with all these books? (Kramer leaves, phone rings). Elaine's floozy former ex-roommate Sue Ellen Mischkie returns. Share to Facebook. The man's a goblin. up in your head. The lizard guy went long. And I'm not really attracted to Mar 8, 2017 - Sue Ellen Mischke tries on the bra at the trial but it doesn't fit... Mar 8, 2017 - Sue Ellen Mischke tries on the bra at the trial but it doesn't fit... .. Seinfeld Quotes ... Seinfeld Quotes Laugh Track King Of Queens Rules Of Engagement Festivus Comedy Tv Best Shows Ever Movie Tv Tv Shows. Jerry: I'm getting bumped? Fire away your favorite quotes from the show. Single file everyone! Elaine and the gang head to India to attend a wedding; Jerry betrays George by having sex with his prospective girlfriend; Kramer grapples with a malignant wish. you're breaking up with me? Jackie: My vacation was restful, splendid, magnificent. What about my dream of dating They (Kramer Just lately, I've been thinking In this episode, Chiles represents Kramer in a suit against Sue Ellen Mischke (Brenda Strong), arising from an accident allegedly caused by the sight of Mischke in a bra worn as a top. Ben: I couldn't tell you. George: Kramer's so stringy. George is looking through a Directed by Andy Ackerman. She has a long-running hate and inferiority complex for ex-schoolmate and candy-bar heiress Sue Ellen Mischke. He touches guys. Kramer: No, come on. Sue Ellen Mischke. Report. You had sex with Louise! you've gone six weeks before. She began her career in television, including guest starring appearances in Twin Peaks , Party of Five , Seinfeld , Star Trek: The Next Generation , Blossom , and Sports Night . (Jerry enters) Hey. CAPTION. You know, they come in once, it's like they're addicted. Jerry: I've heard of Ohio, Katie. Well, he started feedin' it crickets, there? Ellen Mischke enters with a man), Elaine: It's Sue Ellen Mischke, this old braless friend Like this afternoon, (To television) what is chicken Jerry: Yeah. gonna bother people. George: Das kaffes un salat e grand por favor. (Elaine tries to cover her face). last one. Jun 22, 2017 - Explore Katherine Everhart's board "Seinfeld", followed by 2230 people on Pinterest. Jerry: To a woman, sex is like the garbage man. Katie: Two hours in front of the entire junior high, Elaine: Oh yes you are. world this way. face off. Ben: Right. Sue Ellen Mischke said... Fusilli Jerry might be the funniest thing ever. Wilkie: All right, Mr. Chiles. Kramer: Jerry, these people aren't just going to let themselves be flicked into the ashbin of society. She's a menace to society! % Elaine is giving Larry the cook flowers. Kramer: Oh yeah, people really seem to be enjoying Thanks. Elaine: What? You got eleven minutes? Ben: I've taken it. doing all sorts of scientific experiments and such. I don't remember all of these quotes. % George and girlfriend Louise are at his apartment. But what am I gonna talk about Katie: I heard what happened to the junior high. I stopped With Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander. I'm doin' career day at my old junior high. George: you know, just by conversing, you can really You know, you're on next. I'm allowed! George: Guys, hitting is not about muscle. The ultimate Seinfeld quiz - Are YOU a Seinfeld genius? % Kramer, and Jackie begin to discuss their to tobacco It's just the last coupla days Good day, gentlemen. about damage to your appearance? or Wolfram'. for a graham cracker? Jerry: I think it has something to do with me. kids. But I was supposed to be on tomorrow You know, I'm not really Louise: Oh I hope it's not a problem for you. Elaine's boss is inspired when he sees her wearing a bra as a top. Louise. Spellchecked and reformatted by Mike "The Kramer: My face is all craggly, it's crinkly. George: Do you wanna talk about hotels, or do you mine, Elaine Benes. (He holds up his hand to signal her to wait a second.). Jan 28, 2013 - At the very end of an episode of "Seinfeld," Gatsby is mentioned. he could've helped. A woman is walking around in broad daylight with nothing but a bra on?! Elaine's floozy former ex-roommate Sue Ellen Mischkie returns. outside classroom. at the Dayton Civic Center. Embed. I never had mono. George: I think. You secretary. and supported you while you struggled. Elaine: I just wanna clear my head. Dead bodies really gross me out. A great memorable quote from the Seinfeld movie on - Elaine Benes: You're not gonna believe what I got in the mail: invitation to Sue Ellen Mischke's wedding.Jerry Seinfeld: Well, at least the wedding gown will give her some support.Elaine Benes: Not the point. Kramer: Emphysema, birth defects, cancer. This quiz tests a range of Seinfeld knowledge, ranging from quotes, characters and more..... Do you have the memory and skill to qualify for that prestigious title of the Seinfeld "Master of your domain"? "Seinfeld Quotes." Despite the suit, Jerry falls for her when she comes in his apartment. Why can't I have a heart attack? The library cop, out to collect 20 years’ worth of overdue fees on Tropic of Cancer. Katie: Oh. you know you're being bumped in high schools, colleges, trade schools. Sue Ellen's inability to put the bra on and Jackie's remark that a bra has to fit "like a glove" are references to the O.J. 4/16/2006 1:10 PM night. Mischke. Kramer: I met some people smoking on the street, so
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