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A roof rack or storage cabinets off the back of the van are a good place to store bulky items like propane tanks, water or spare tires. Positioning the bed sideways in the van (perpendicular to the length of the vehicle) can help maximize your living space — but make sure to get a van wider than you are tall. Nice to have if you plan on fitting a slide-out workbench, or working outside a lot in general. working inside of your van and need your favorite tools at hand, you simply rotate the entire cabinet. Steel racking is cheaper than aluminum without compromising on durability. We carry van packages that will meet the high demands of those who rely heavily on cargo van storage. Generally, van shelves are made of either aluminum or wood. RAM Promaster – Capable, Reliable and Affordable Cargo Van, Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van - the Only AWD Vehicle in the Van’s World, Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van - Fits the Commercial Van Bill Perfectly, Ram ProMaster Cargo Van – Overview, Photos and Specs, A Guide to Buying the Best New or Used Cargo Van, HVAC Van – How to Upfit Service Van for HVAC Projects, Electrician Van - Shelving, Setup and Organization, Plumbing Van – The Office, Storage and Tools in One Place, Contractor Van – Office on Wheels That Brings You Money. … Be sure to make this compartment easy to reach, since it's annoying enough to get it out of there every time you need it. Getting it right isn't the problem here, but coming up with great ideas can be tricky. Amazon's Choice for van storage drawers Durham 611-95 Gray Welded Steel Cabinet, 12-5/8" Width x 24-1/2" Height x 12-1/8" Depth, 9 Drawers 4.1 out of 5 stars 29 It's a great system. Just don't forget to place a lock which secures the system in place while driving. However, I can make mistakes. Our bench has a hinged flip top that lets us access the space underneath it. Your van works as hard as you. Nov 23, 2019 - Explore Robert Anderson's board "Cargo van ideas", followed by 500 people on Pinterest. Solar Panels for True Off-grid LivingIf you’re wanting to build a true off grid home, then solar panels … If you want to be able to access this cabinet from the inside as well, simply place the entire cabinet on a swivel plateau. Includes shelf units, rail kits, and accessories. Also, make sure the legs are adjustable, so you can offset the height of the curb/your van when loaded. This allows you to pull out the toolbox, open it, get the tools, and slide it back in effortlessly. Many van makers offer pre-configured shelving systems and upfits. Ladder Racks. ® All Rights Reserved 2021 Auto Motozine |. Designed to take the abuse of work trucks, this van organizer leaves nothing to spare. Here are a few: Make a plan or a map. Mercedes-Benz Metris. Pros: a lot of flexible storage space for large materials. This is a no brainer if you're a carpenter and need to transport large pieces of plywood. Convert a van to live in full-time or part-time the easy way. Depending on the work truck model and vocation, you can opt for general service or some trade-specific packages and save some bucks when choosing pre-defined shelving system. It looks better anyway, or so I think (I'd always prefer wood over steel with interiors). Above it, create a shelf for storing small materials such as cannisters, tape, hearing protection, etc. Aluminum shelves are super light-weight, making it the number one choice for professional van interiors. Your #1 online resource for van dimensions. Similar to building a house, creating a solid foundation is an essential part of … But each kilogram adds to your fuel consumption, especially when you go 500kg and up. It’s a simple but effective storage idea. Anything on wheels stored next to the rear or side doors? Provide this shelf with an edge to prevent anything from falling of. Tip: clad the window panes on your rear doors and use them to hang as many screwdrivers as possible. Steel racking is more flexible than aluminum or wood, which is an absolute plus when buiding in a van. In this article, I will be sharing some van conversion ideas. Not having to carry your heavy equipment through a narrow van will brighten up your workday. There are also free standing tank holders and pipe and conduit holders that sit in the cargo area of a van or the bed of a truck. But aluminum shelving systems are somewhat expensive and not always the best option. VanDimensions is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Icons provided by I’m in a different trade, and have a whole host of different tools, but the bulkhead storage unit looks fantastic. Not too heavy, sturdy enough to take a bump. Wood racking can, as always, be customized to your preferences entirely, making it the perfect material for a made-to-measure van build. Commercial Van Interiors for All Makes. Want to go with wood? Or you need to like to move everything on the shelf whenever the sun's out and you feel like working outside. Cons: the height you take out at the bottom can limit your standing height in the van. If you use your shelvings to store very heavy materials or equipment, steel is your best bet. I make a box for a van to allow the dogs that travel in the back to see out the windows. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The arrangement depends upon the demands of the business and personal taste of the individual. They are developed with needs and uniqueness of several vocations in mind. This really does two things: By putting in a drawer at the side door you can keep the drawers (very) short (like 12"), and still have complete access to the big under-floor storage. If you’re under 5 feet 4 inches, you can … See more ideas about van storage, storage, van racking. If it rains, you will get, and so will your equipment (you can fix this though, check out tip ...). Storage Modules. Plan out the cabinet to fit your 'definitely-need' tools. Everything under 500kg shouldn't bother you. Tip, tricks and ideas to create your tiny home on wheels without special tools or extensive Bob The Builder knowledge. If the inside of your cargo van is getting too crowded, consider having a ladder rack … Nothing compares to these innovative, ergonomically-designed racks! Time is money, right? If you’re planning on adventure camping rather than staying in the city, consider taking advantage of the outside of the vehicle for storage. You can add mesh pouches … “Sprinter vans are 5 feet 9 inches wide. Efficiency is king. I love old vans, especially MBs - and I plan to live in one. I am a carpenter and general contractor and wanted to share my van set up.Hope this will help others setting up there van.Arigato! Our expertise is designing and manufacturing high quality, tough commercial van interiors that includes shelving, drawer systems, ladder racks, and other accessories for a wide range of cargo vehicles.Our goal is to provide solutions for mobile service professionals that allows them to maximize their interior cargo space and work more effectively. Adjustable systems are easy to install and plan, since you it doesn't matter if you mess up the first time around. Now you're able to take your tools and rack them anywhere you want! tom ellingworth September 7, 2012 Dec 12, 2015 - Explore Jason Jackson's board "Van shelving ideas" on Pinterest. Great. Need some Chevy Express or GM Savana shelving ideas? Optimize your work van storage with truly adjustable shelving from Adrian Steel. This is the right moment to play smart and choose a custom, As you can see, van shelving units are installed on the walls and above the wheel wells. Engineered with big things and meticulous attention to detail in mind, it's a must for those van owners who want to create a custom storage solution that securely organizes their tools, equipment and materials they need to place quickly and easily. See more ideas about van shelving, van, van racking. The empty cargo area of the van is not convenient to store and manage all the tools you haul to the job site. Divide your cargo van area into zones and think about what you would like to store in each zone. HDPE co-molded to a steel subframe deliver a van storage system with a 2000 lb system payload and 200 lb capacity per drawer. Create a removable hatch at the bulkhead to have access to smaller materials from the side door. But there's a solution, read on. Nov 3, 2018 - Explore BiGDUG ltd's board "Van Storage Ideas", followed by 1370 people on Pinterest. They match every van model, no matter if it is Mercedes Sprinter 144 or 170-inch wheelbase, or Ford Transit with standard, medium or high roof. Organize your work van with a durable storage system made from the cockroach of materials: HDPE and steel. Build a heavy-duty compartment with a giant lock to put away your most expensive tools. Generally, cargo vans can take around 500 - 800kg. Storage modules combine drawers, cabinets, and shelving all in one unit to maximize the space and provide plenty of storage for a wide-range of tools and equipment. The more you hang from your van walls and doors, the less cabinetry and shelves you'll need. GM Savana and Chevy Express Shelving Ideas. purchasing or ordering materials for your build. If you need to work inside the van, make sure you have a high roof (H2 or H3) to ensure you can stand up straigt. But it is very heavy. But you won't have to reinvent the wheel. I’ve been looking for storage solutions for my van and some of your ideas will form the basis for my own adaptation. Not only can you damage the van’s floor or walls, but you can also damage your equipment. Kargo Master and Ranger van shelves keep your van organized for any profession. Most van doors can open 270° nowadays, meaning you can reach your tools from inside, the rear, and the side of your van as well. Use them to store really anything that's round. DeWaltt makes some great modular van racking systems. First, let's get an overview of the types of shelving available. If you plan it right, you can fit a slide-out workbench at the rear of the van. Cargo Van Shelving Packages for Each Industry For large vans, the Sprinter Base Package is one of the most ideal van shelving solutions on the market. With aluminum shelves and galvanized steel end panels, the Sprinter Base Package consists of two 58"H shelving units, each with four shelves, complete with rattle-free dividers. Finish the cabinet by placing a column of solid plywood next to the two columns, and use this space to hang your screwdrivers and pliers from. Heavy rotary tools, water pumps, water tanks need to be stored on the floor, so you can drag them out easily. Pros: keeps burglars from getting to your most precious gear. The front becomes the back, and your entire toolbox cabinet is now facing the inside. Did you find the answer to your specific question? You lose access to possibly the best storage space of the entire van. 5 Van Racking Ideas for Carpenters You Can Do Yourself. The van is a versatile road vehicle for transportation of supplies or other people. It makes sense as that will keep your back safe.. Store big, bulky and heavy items close to the rear or side doors, so you can easily pull them out of the van without going into the cargo area. Shelves are useful for storage, to keep the contents of a mini camper, rolling workshop or craft sales transport organized and protected while the van is in motion. Put shelves where you want them, quickly and easily with the innovative ADseries Shelving. Move them to the furthest corner of the bulkhead. Storage modules from Adrian Steel combine drawers, cabinets, and shelving all in one unit to maximize the space and provide plenty of storage for your tools and equipment. Hi, I'm Jim Belt and I own a 1974 Mercedes L508D. Create a foundation. really does a lot in tidying up your van. Are you a professional working from your van? @rosenesontheroad. Sean. © 2021 It also keeps your equipment dry. Available for: GM Full Size Vans, Ford Full Size Vans, Transit Connect, Nissan NV Cargo, Nissan NV200. The installation can be completed in as little as one week. Transport your ladder safely on the roof of your cargo van with an Adrian Steel ladder rack. This allows you to work outside and extend your working space considerably. If you have any old pieces of 3" PVC pipe lying around, simply cut them into 4-5" pieces (10-15cm) and attach them... really anywhere you'd like. This way you won't even have to get the toolbox out. See more ideas about van, van camping, camper van. So here's a tip: make the shelves heavy duty drawers. Building a van-high cabinet in the side door … MESH POUCH. Are you looking for the dimensions of your van? Having this cabinet is great and all, but there's always room for improvement. Aluminum shelves can either be adjustable or whelded into place. I love old vans, especially MBs - and I plan to live in one. Nobody likes a slanting workbench. This requires some serious measuring, since the cabinet can only rotate towards the bulkhead. Creating a false floor definitely adds a of storage to your mobile workshop. I'm sure you know how to put the shelving in. Material choice is important, since using heavy materials can add up to 33% to your fuel consumption. … I'm the owner of and I own a 1974 Mercedes L508D. Flip-Top Storage Bench. Start with a safety partition to keep your cargo safely behind you, and then add shelving, drawers, cabinets, files, hooks, racks and other cargo van accessories to fit your needs. Racking is mostly done with 1 or 2" ply. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. “The ProMasters are six feet wide on the inside,” Kaya Lindsay of One Chick Travels says. For the past 30 years, Ranger Design has been providing mobile tradesmen with innovative and customizable van shelving and products for commercial vans such as the Mercedes Metris. Build a cabinet in the side door for crates and toolboxes. SH-4303 Steel Van Shelving Storage System Fits for NV200, Transit Connect 2014+, Promaster City and Chevy City Express, Contoured Shelving Unit, 32" W x 43" H x 13" D 4.6 out of 5 stars 30 $289.99 $ 289 . Mostly people put these drawers at the rear. You just bought new cargo van as addition to your business fleet? Cons: the cabinet is bulky, you lose some space in the load area, and it's only accessible from the outside, which sucks when it's raining. When it comes down to HVAC van equipment, you generally need to have access to as much of cargo space as possible and place to store HVAC tools and gear. If your van is a simple shell with a driver and passenger seat and not much else, you may wish to customize it. It get's better in the next tip. They come in many sizes and can be installed on the van interior walls, the inside of the van doors, a van partition, or even in a cargo trailer behind the van. THIS SITE IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY TRULY CONTENT. Then you know that the interior of your van is extremely important. Pros: most-used tools at hand at all times. This way, if you're ie. You can go professional with your racking, getting a complete system in one go; or you can go DIY and simply build it yourself. A turnkey conversion is a complete campervan design, production and installation that is ready for immediate use. Check out DeWaltt ToughSystems (click to check current price at BUILD YOUR BED SIDEWAYS TO MAXIMIZE SPACE. Drawers can be just the thing if you need to store a lot of small bits and pieces. Creating the space to hang your screwdrivers, pliers, tapes, glues (see tip 2), saws, etc. And then replace them with the heaviest gear you own (and use). So let's dive in. Cons: you need to keep the bulkhead area clear, so you can't build an inside cabinet there. It helps you separate the small and … Storage systems can be contained in one part of the van or can line both walls from floor to ceiling, the entire length of the cargo area. Make sure to measure your van before ie. You can't use this workbench as a regular storage shelf whenever it's inside the van. You can easily find shelving unit to. This way, all your need-to-have tools are within reach, and you lose about 15" in your load area. On average, steel is 10-15% heavier than aluminum. A cabinet with 2 columns of wide, high shelves from the flooring up for about 3/4 should do the trick. Door storage trays fit on the van’s rear doors providing additional storage space. Check out DeWaltt ToughSystems (click to check current price at Kargo Master and Ranger Design provide a wide array of cargo van shelving and storage for work vans ranging in size from a compact cargo van, like small Ford Transit Connect or Nissan NV200, to a full size cargo van, like the High Roof Mercedes Sprinter or High Roof Ram ProMaster. Or use tip number ... to simply work outside. Attach a simple stainless steel bracket at the bottom facing inwards, functioning as a support for your glues. The best shelves will have a … All images freely licensed under Wikimedia Commons. Excellent, inspiring article. If you have a mobile lifestyle or enjoy travelling, a conversion van will provide many of the characteristics of a motorhome. Van shelving systems can be mounted on either side of your van, even over the wheel wells. Work van shelving provides a cargo storage for your commercial van. Pros: flexibility in deciding where you need your tools. Use those short, useless pieces of pipe instead of throwing them away! Building a van-high cabinet in the side door allows for easy access to your most-used tools and materials. Real world van storage ideas for a simple DIY camper van conversion. In Built Shelving. Ensure access at the rear and side door by using panels out of ply. If you just use supporting legs on the sides with supporting beams across, you can easily slide in large sheets of 8x4 ply from the rear. But, as always, mind the weight. This provides an excellent way to separate tools or different types of cargo and leave the main bed on the van clear. Cons: if you use this equipment often, it will become somewhat of a nuisance. I try my absolute best to provide precise dimensions on every van. We understand that it takes not only talent and hard work to keep your business running smoothly. Efficient van racking starts with hanging up as much as possible. Simply install the racking in your van & workplace. Some van storage racks have several shelves for materials or optional bins may be added to more securely contain items. A simple sheet of (thick) plywood with foldable legs will get the job done. Since this is your workplace, getting the racking right is - next to air conditioning - your number one priority. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Over the years, we have developed a strong expertise and built a solid reputation for quality … As the leader in Turnkey Van Conversions, Contravans offers a variety of options for your compact cargo or passenger van. With Ranger Design Equipment, it is easy to maximize your Mercedes Metris storage space. Need some ideas? This article gives you 10 van racking ideas to get started right away. You do however need to keep three things in mind: Your rear doors provide perfect support for a rain cover, allowing you to work under the cover whenever it rains. When it comes to maximum organization and increased productivity, a specialty storage system is all about that. This way, I can let you know when I've added new vans, articles, or functionalities. VanDimensions is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to ADseries Shelving. But the next time they break into your van, you'll be very pleased with yourself. Here are some of the space saving work van storage ideas to enhance space on your van. The easiest hack for tidying up your shelves. Make sure these shelves are made-to-measure for your specific toolboxes and crates.
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