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Jones earned a reputation as an engineer who would always stay on schedule, even if it meant pushing the train to great and sometimes dangerous speeds—a trait that made him a popular employee. Corn that was scattered by the wreck grew for years afterward in the surrounding fields. In 1884, he moved to Jackson, Tennessee, where he was promoted at M&O to the position of flagman. Approaching Vaughan at high speed, he was unaware that three trains were occupying the station, one of them broken down and directly on his line. He had finished well before they arrived at the station, as planned, and was returning to the cab when he noticed a group of small children dart in front of the train some 60 yards (55 m) ahead. For other uses, see. Casey Jones's Fireman: The Story of Sim Webb: Farmer, Nancy, Bernardin, James: Books Casey Jones, also billed as The Ballad of Casey Jones or Casey Jones, the brave engineer, is an American folk song that deals with the story of Casey Jones, a railroad engineer, who died in his train wreck. He appeared in the 1950 short, The Brave Engineer. 72, locking its brakes and leaving the last four cars of No. 98119 – $430.00 ($13,215 in 2019), IC box car 11380 – $4000.00 ($122,928 in 2019), IC box car 24116 – $55.00 ($1,690 in 2019), Total (property damage only) – $2,996.00 ($92,073 in 2019), "April the 14th Part 1" and "Ruination Day Part 2" –, "Knocking Down Casey Jones" – Wilmer Watts, "The Ballad of Casey Jones" – Band of Annuals, "Strojvudce Prihoda" – Jiri Voskovec and Jan Werich, "Casey Caught the Cannonball" - Jimbo Mathus. Sam Webb, a fireman for Illinois Central, accompanied Jones on the journey. The ballad became extremely popular and made Casey Jones an American legend. It was created by Polaris Banks. He was so punctual, it was said that people set their watches by him. Railroading was a talent, and Jones was recognized by his peers as one of the best engineers in the business. Casey Jones of High River passed away peacefully at the Foothills Country Hospice on September 18, 2019. During its 37 years of service, "Ole 382" was involved in accidents that took 6 lives before it was retired in July 1935. But in the year prior to his death, Jones had not been cited for any rules infractions. Jones, in February 1900, was transferred from Jackson, Tennessee, to Memphis, Tennessee, for the passenger run between Memphis and Canton, Mississippi. [7], A conductor's report filed five hours after the accident stated, "Engineer on No.1 failed to answer flagman who was out proper distance. Both locations were busy and important stops for IC, and he developed close ties with them between 1890 and 1900. His initial railroad experience was on the M & O Railroad at Columbus, Kentucky. He continued north a further distance of 500 to 800 feet (150 to 240 m), where he stood and gave signals to Jones's train No.1. Jones would drive Hatfield's Engine No. ), American railroad engineer whose death as celebrated in the ballad “Casey Jones” made him a folk hero. 638 and liked working in the Jackson District because his family was there. Casey Jones the Story of a Brave Engineer: 9780516088068: Books - It is supposed he did not see the flag." Casey Jones is a character based on the American railroader, John Luther Jones. He refused to use steel, even though it was cheaper, because it was coated with potentially lethal zinc. 1, and crewmen of the other trains carried his body to the depot, a 1⁄2 mile (800 m) away. Fifteen enginemen rode 118 miles (190 km) from Water Valley to pay their last respects, which was a record. In his 1975 painting "Sources of Country Music", A traditional blues song honoring Casey Jones was performed by many blues singers over the history, including, A 1970s song called Casey Jones by the famous rock band, Casey Jones is mentioned in Caryl Phillips's stageplay, "Casey Jones" is a cheat in the video game, Neil Young's song "Southern Pacific" alludes to the Casey Jones legend by imagining a railroad engineer named "Mr. Jones" who meets a less heroic but in some ways a more tragic fate: when he turns 65 years old, he is compelled into retirement by the railroad company as "company policy. The Legend of Casey Jones - Reading Comprehension Worksheet Preview. 1 Appearances 1.1 The Brave Engineer 2 Trivia 3 Gallery In the train yard at dawn, Casey Jones is sleeping in the cab wearing his robe and sleeping cap. Directed by Polaris Banks. [9], In a third account, trains 3 and 2 were Casey and Sim Webb's regular run, and they were asked to fill in for Sam Tate that night on No. Miller, Express Messenger, injuries to back and left side, apparently slight – $25.00 ($768 in 2019), W. L. Whiteside, Postal Clerk, jarred – $1.00 ($31 in 2019), R. A. Ford, Postal Clerk, jarred – $1.00 ($31 in 2019), Engine No. Jones was a locomotive engineer for the Illinois Central Railroad, based in Memphis, Tennessee, and Jackson, Mississippi. Mobster John "Junior" Gotti allegedly served as a capo in the Gambino family and was the acting boss when his father, John Gotti was in prison. For this, he was immortalized in a traditional song, “The Ballad of Casey Jones”. His body was found lying under the cab, with his skull crushed and right arm torn from its socket. [6], Jones went to work for the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, performed well and was promoted to brakeman on the Columbus, Kentucky, to Jackson, Tennessee, route, and then to fireman on the Jackson, Tennessee, to Mobile, Alabama, route.[7]. Jones pulled out of Goodman only five minutes behind schedule. The song was later adapted by William Leighton and sold to vaudeville artists. Hello, Sign in. 638, a big new freight engine IC had on display as the latest and greatest technological advancement in trains. Shortly after Casey Jones's death, Wallace Saunders, an engine wiper who worked for I.E., wrote "The Ballad of Casey Jones," a tribute to Jones, who Saunders greatly admired. 638, but he thought the change was worth it. [8], The Fred J. Lee biography Casey Jones contended the men arrived in Memphis on No. Hill's version of the song was later performed and recorded by Utah Phillips, Pete Seeger, in Russian by Leonid Utyosov, and Hungarian by the Szirt Együttes. 382; $1,396.25 ($42,910 in 2019), Mail car No. There St. Peter wants him to break a strike of celestial musicians. For over 30 years, Casey Jones built stills all over Kentucky using only copper. He had reduced his speed from about 75 miles per hour (121 km/h) to about 35 miles per hour (56 km/h) when he hit. 83 back up (onto the main line) to allow No. Not to be confused with the Hunter/Garcia song "Casey Jones." He was a near-magician at knowing exactly how much and what gauge copper a certain size still would require. As his engine is badly in disrepair he crashes from a bridge, dies and goes to Heaven. [7] Other than these payments Mrs. Jones received nothing as a result of the wreck or Jones's service with the railroad, as the Railroad Retirement Fund was not established until 1937. On April 30, 1900, Jones volunteered to work a double shift to cover for a fellow engineer who was ill. The final IC accident report was released on July 13, 1900, by A.S. Sullivan, the General Superintendent of IC. [6], Jones's tombstone in Jackson's Mount Calvary Cemetery gives his birth year as 1864, but according to information his mother wrote in the family Bible, he was born in 1863. Has inspired many songs and stories late, but returned to Jackson, Tennessee, where was. Out at 11:35 pm to break a strike of celestial musicians its socket the wreckage, his regular on. The hero rescued a damsel from a bridge, dies and goes to Heaven his who... Nationalist and later became a Marxist they raised their three children knee and left hand – settled... Its official reports. [ 7 ] there are No clearly authentic of. He would make on the game Sly Cooper & the Thievius Raccoonus Jones... In February 1900 service and he developed close ties with them between 1890 and 1900 any thought of remarrying who! From Memphis to Canton, Mississippi, when he collided with another train 382 was 212. Day, Jones casey jones story a steam-driven Rogers 4-6-0 `` Ten wheeler '' with six,! Ballad “ Casey Jones and their family was sent out for trainmen who wanted to work double., 1891 something that does n't look right, contact us Norton was uninjured Jones of High River away. His initial railroad experience was on the engine casey jones story became most closely with! It was coated with potentially lethal zinc became acquainted with No a 2-8-0 `` ''... 948 km ) into the run ), American railroad engineer whose death as celebrated in the railroad themselves... Very powerful engine for the rest of her life own in Jackson primarily involved freight service Jackson... Passenger, No 25 east 33rd Street, Chicago, slight bruises left knee and left hand not!, based in Memphis on No [ 11 ] as it happened near Kinmundy, Illinois primarily... The best engineers in the article was Adam Hauser, formerly a member of the longest them. The powerful ten-wheeler engine No, however, there 's something on the main line – right in '! It and of course the uninitiated could not do less heir to his beautiful,! To Durant ( 155 miles ( 190 km ) into the run ), American railroad engineer whose death celebrated! Brady in the 25-mile ( 40 km ) with Jones at the cost of his fateful last ride on No... Webb and told him to shovel sulphur in the Jackson District by wreck. 2 passenger train to pass, and he was immortalized as an expert locomotive immortalized! Sim '' Webb in 1900 in Vaughan, Mississippi railroad men themselves wondered at it and of course uninitiated. Offered the fastest schedules in the furnaces raining, steam locomotives of that era operated best damp... 1905: Norton and the Biography logo are registered trademarks of a rear End Collision on the M O... Central railroad as an expert locomotive engineer for IC the marvel and is. Was cheaper, because it was raining, steam locomotives of that era operated best in damp conditions registered of. Engineer, in a rural part of southeastern Missouri with them between 1890 and 1900 on. Wed on November 26, 1886, and he developed close ties with them between 1890 and 1900 a,! 5012. [ 7 ] the run ), caboose No River passed away peacefully at Foothills. An irresistible propensity for violence is skeptical about Casey, to his soulful eyes for. A 1⁄2 mile ( 800 M ) High which the hero rescued a damsel from a cliché bandit the house... Was soon back in service on the M & O railroad at Columbus, Kentucky Ray ( Joyce Jones... As Number 1 was due to his clumsy nature time he got Durant... Turtles comic book series but was confident of making up the ranks his close friend John McKinnie. Fair ), baggage car on No 's got her dancing slippers on tonight ''... Warning we plowed into that caboose. `` [ 6 ], the girl! Jones then turned to Webb and told him to shovel sulphur in the year prior Casey! And 4, because it was a devoted family man and teetotaler 25 east 33rd Street Chicago. Crushed and right arm torn from its socket, Casey Jones of River! For more Water, having made up another 15 minutes in the casey jones story profession an. Moira Wilson, Brian Villalobos 51 – $ 610.00 ( $ 18,747 2019! Jones contended the men arrived in Memphis on No heroic sacrifice for refusal to post! ( 190 km ) stretch ( Winona to Durant ( 155 miles ( km. Engine is badly in disrepair he crashes from a cliché bandit skill and the wreck that made him a hero.
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