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George inspires the rest of the team with his impressive outputs. Is often uneven with her productivity. Julia is reluctant to take over new responsibilities. Robert collaborates with other departments in order to increase the overall performance of the company. Emma quickly identifies errors that impede productivity and suggests ways to solve them. Most of the time, Jonathan demonstrates exceptional productivity. Neighbors can use LauderBuild to search for records, create an account and make payments. Productivity Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation He proved to be diligent and at the same time efficient and productive. Tony readily incorporates new technologies to develop the company’s productivity. Janet refuses to tackle difficult projects. On this page, you will find the list of performance review phrases on productivity that might help you to conduct an effective employee appraisal. Jane is unable to meet the requirements with high productivity on a regular basis. Although you don’t want to fight your staff on every negative aspect of the performance review, you should give them the opportunity to respond to your suggestions. Regarding extra work: A small business usually has a number of projections during the initial period … Exceptional/Superior: Susan frequently encourages and help others to show a high productivity at work. He is very dedicated to the company and wants to meet its standards. “You significantly contribute to our team’s productivity.” 44. Abigail demonstrates outstanding devotion to the job. Marginal: Occasionally fails to meet expectations. Cindy is a valuable worker, but she does not set personal goals to further develop her skills. Ingrid implements new work methods to keep the productivity of her department at a high level. Brad obviously lacks problem-solving ability. Benefit for organization. Is a storehouse of productivity knowledge. Overarching positive comments about super attitudes provide no information regarding behaviors for an employee to continue, while overarching negative comments about terrible attitudes provide no information regarding behaviors for the employee to eliminate. By admin on May 18, 2011 in Sample Self Evaluations. Performance review comments are an important part of the process of performance appraisal. Will often look forward to going an extra mile to enhance productivity John encourages others to exceed department’s monthly goals. Could be far more productive Using the Office 365 suite of productivity apps, users can easily communicate and collaborate together through Microsoft® Outlook® mail and Skype for Business instant messaging and online meetings. This is an Appraisal Report as defined by the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice under Standards Rule 2-2(a). Kyle amazes other members of the team with the quality of his work. Yuhn (corresponding author): Department of Economics, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA. Can work hard, but not consistently. Employee assessments can make a difference in the performance of an organization. Productivity. How much time do you spend revisiting your paperwork? Sue demonstrates low level of knowledge of the procedures. Bill applies innovative production strategies to increase the productivity of his department. For any factor, performance comments should support the rating given. Builds productivity by being well organized. While it’s definitely important to personalize each review for the particular employee, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a handy appraisal comments bank to help you get started and then tailor the comments!. Frank often volunteers for tasks beyond his standard working time. Generic version: Farmers, ranchers and timber growers, have you filed a productivity appraisal application with your local county appraisal district office? Appraisal Foundation ( Do you put your mobile phone on silent during work? ... For a review of Project basics, considering pairing this course with Project 2016 Introduction. A self-appraisal is worthless if somebody else isn’t reading it. Completes a high quantity of work that often exceeds expectations. Abigail is able to complete the job on time, but she always comes up with excuses to extend the deadline. Bill applies innovative production strategies to increase the productivity of his department. This format provides a detailed and complete description of the appraisal process, subject data and valuation.The approaches employed in this appraisal Produces a remarkable amount of high-quality work, Monitors productivity and implements upgrades as needed, Always seeks opportunities to be even more productive, Dazzles everyone with the quality and quantity of her work, Identifies and implements steps to enhance output, Is responsible for a major increase in departmental productivity, Fully understands the figures behind productivity, Is energized by challenges that would derail others, Offers outstanding suggestions to increase productivity, Provides suggestions that enhance productivity, Serves as an excellent role model of productive behavior, Focuses on people as well as productivity, Is productive under less-than-perfect conditions, Works directly with others to enhance their productivity, Is eager to learn about ways to be more productive, Quickly incorporates new knowledge to build productivity, Is productive beyond standard requirements, Single-handedly led to the success of the XYZ project through his efforts, Produces solid quality and quantity of work, Puts in extra hours to get the desired results, Builds productivity by being well organized, Fully embraces the need for greater productivity, Is a storehouse of productivity knowledge, Can meet the mark in terms of productivity, but frequently falls short, Bogs down performance and productivity with his misdirected actions, Spends too much time on low-priority tasks, Is an amateur in the world of productivity, Talks about working productively, but rarely does so, Is slipping in terms of her personal productivity, Doesn’t focus enough energy and attention on the work to be done, Doesn’t regard productivity as a priority, Sees his personal output slipping and does nothing to stop it, Interferes with the performance of others, Displays disruptive or distracting behaviors, Regards productivity as someone else’s concern, Takes inappropriate or reckless shortcuts, Shows little interest in being more productive, Disregards suggestions to build productivity, Generates more than an hour’s worth of productivity in each hour, Builds the time-management skills of fellow employees, Creates and implements timesaving strategies, Consistently makes the best use of her time, Plans out the work, and then works the plan, Has a high degree of expertise in time management, and applies it on every project, Completes most projects early and all projects on time, Is sensitive to the time demands and constraints of others, Has a keen sense of what to do and when to do it, Manages time instead of letting time manage him, Is excellent at estimating the time required for projects, Maintains flexibility to take on additional tasks, Completes many projects before the due date, Lives by the philosophy that time is money, Makes commitments to deadlines and keeps them, Devotes too much time to second-tier matters, Rarely completes the assigned tasks on time, Works on many assignments that should be delegated, Is too quick to set aside important projects, Is late with major projects but on time with minor ones, Occasionally meets deadlines but with questionable quality, Doesn’t pay enough attention to the needs of those waiting for his work, Consistently fails to make the best use of time, Regards time management as a waste of time, Is uninterested in time-management tools or programs.
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